From the Life of Engineer D.M., 2011
Digitized color film, computer-generated imagery, found material
Installation view: Installation view from Novi Hram, La Benevolencija, The Jewish Museum, Sarajevo, July 2011
From the Life of Engineer D.M. assembles text and photographic material, drawing from private, found and media images, staging a story of expatriate guest-work, political conflict, a rare vacation, and life back home. The installation, presented as a sequence of photographs and footnotes, tells the tales of life of engineer D.M., an expert on thermostable materials used in the production of industrial chimney-stacks. D.M.'s work took him, and his camera, through Libya, Lebanon, East Germany, Italy, the Non-Aligned, and East Africa, dating from the 1970's until the 1990's. In 1971 he was awarded a “Praktica” 35mm photo camera during the company family retreat at the lakes. He photographed the rolling dunes of the barren desert dissected by the electrically charged cables. He pondered on the marvel of human civilization; on the marvel of modern electrics.
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