b.1983. Lives and works in New York.

WORK Isak Berbic is a visual artist living and working in New York. His research is concerned with  social histories, translation, the limits of representation, and the circulation of images. His recent projects unearth contested histories, investigating forms of representation within intersecting, ecologies, geographies, economies, archeologies, exchange and transformation. He uses fiction and documents, found and primary material, the image and the literary, in the construction of his artworks, which take on interdisciplinary forms, including photography-text-object installations, films and videos, drawings and objects, actions, cooking, speeches, texts and publications.

CURRICULUM VITAE Recent exhibitions include the 2019 Havana Biennial; Singularities at David Totah gallery in New York 2018; Marrakech Biennial 2016; There, before 2015, solo at SAC Art Gallery, Stony Brook University, New York; BRIC Brooklyn Biennial 2014, New York; Dumbo Arts Festival 2013, New York; Engineer D.M., Novi Hram, Jewish Museum, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2011; Dojima River Biennale 2009, Osaka, Japan; Singapore Biennale 2008; International Photography Biennial, Teheran, Iran, 2007; Spring Break, Roots & Culture Contemporary Art Center, Chicago, 2007; SpeakUp, WHW, Galerija Nova, Zagreb, Croatia, 2004. Isak Berbic participated in Helsinki Photomedia 2014, Finland; Art Dubai, Global Art Forum, the Sikka Art Fair, and the Sharjah March Meeting in the United Arab Emirates, as well as Forum Forum at Mathaf, Arab Museum of Modern Art in 2012; Expanding Documentary: Auckland, New Zealand, 2012; ISEA 2008, Singapore; Take a Deep Breath: An Interdisciplinary Symposium, TATE Modern, London, UK, 2007. He was an artist in residence at the Jatiwangi Art Factory, Indonesia, 2008; Transart Institute, Berlin, 2010; he was a fellow in the 2016 Art & Law seminar program in New York, a resident at the New York Artist Residency & Studio (NARS) Foundation in 2018, and the 2018 SOMA program in Mexico City.

BIOGRAPHY In the early 1990’s, when Yugoslavia disintegrated and Sarajevo was under siege, Isak Berbic and his family escaped from the war in Bosnia, lived in a refugee camp in Denmark during 1993/1994, and received political asylum in the United States. Isak Berbic studied art at the Malmö Art Academy, Sweden, and at University of Illinois at Chicago, where he completed his graduate studies, and began teaching. In Chicago, he also worked on community projects such as the publishing of Zambak magazine, an independent culture and politics journal for the Bosnian War diaspora. From 2007–2012 he was based in Sharjah, UAE, where he taught at University of Sharjah and staged a series of site-specific projects in the Arabian Peninsula. He currently teaches at The State University of New York, Stony Brook. Following the work photographing saguaro cactus, hippopotamus fossils, juju beans, lapis, shrapnel and meteorites in the field, Isak is currently making red-white-blue stripe drawings, with foam, rubber and silicone in the studio. 

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